Update: Campaigners Meet With Mole Valley MP Sir Paul Beresford

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the 9th of December two Leith Hill campaigners met with the local MP to express their concerns and ask for his assistance. The meeting was in Dorking. Here is a brief report:

Another campaigner and I have just met with Sir Paul Beresford…

We went through several points and raised the concerns of local residents to the plans for Leith Hill.

He spoke to us about his involvement in the campaign this far – he said has been working with the Leith Hill Action Group for many years.

He was well informed on the process although seemed a little out of the loop on the levels of support for the protection camp and the objection to the oil drilling.

He told us that the drilling itself was a lost cause but urged us very strongly to concentrate on the pipeline. He repeated this several times and suggested that this should be our main focus.

He seemed a little reluctant to be drawn on making a statement but was not entirely closed to the prospect and he was happy to stay in contact on it all.

We thank Sir Paul for the meeting.

Sir Paul’s record in Hansard (Parliamentary voting record, debate contributions, and statements) is here.

What is Happening At Leith Hill?

Bury Hill Wood at Leith Hill, Surrey is under serious threat from oil drilling.

Get informed on this site and the links below.

You can help stop it. Please join us.

Visit the Camp! Click here for directions.

Facebook Group for Leith Hill Protection Camp.
Local campaign group focussing on using the planning system Leith Hill Action Group.
Local community group A Voice For Leith Hill.
Website for the Surrey protection community surreyprotectors.com.
Like the Facebook Page SaveLeithHill.
Follow on Twitter @SaveLeithHill.


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