Leith Hill Protection Camp Update: “It was a really really good day at the camp today”.


Yesterday Colin posted an update on recent visitors to Leith Hill Protection Camp, and some insights into Camp life. Thanks for the update Colin.

If you’ve not visited Camp yet they’d be pleased to see you. That’s why they’re there.

Colin says:

It was a really really good day at the camp today.

It started with an upbeat camp meeting in the morning to tighten a few things up, and then everyone went about their various activities, with everyone very focused and applying themselves to the things they are good at. Add to that the usual constant stream of visits from the very best people one could ever wish to meet, and for the whole day it was just a total pleasure to be here.

As well as the people who now visit the camp regularly, there were several who visited for the first time. Although most of those people were already fairly well informed about the situation, by the time some of them left, they had learned of new reasons to be even more outraged by the situation then they were when they arrived! ….and importantly of course, they then left with a renewed commitment to do everything in their power to protect Leith Hill from unwanted invaders 😉

Also, at one point it was really good to stand back and watch one well informed, passionate and determined local person engaging with another local person in such a way as to inspire them to an increased level of engagement with the issue. It really showed up for me the potential of the Camp to be a hub where the growing resistance that is stirring awake in the local community can coalesce.

It is a great place for connections to be made and for idea’s to be formed and shared.

Thank you to John & Maryline for making the 4 hour round trip over from east Kent, to supply the camp with a new solar panel to help keep everything powered up as we head into to darkest part of the yearly cycle, and for sharing so freely the love you can see in this photo of them! Thank you too to everyone who has donated to the Bore Free South fund that they administer in order to support the camp with this kind of equipment.

Thank you also to Catherine, who just happened to be passing, but pulled in to see what was going on here. After being informed over a half hour cuppa, she took herself off…
…only to return a couple of hours later, bearing so many gifts that she couldn’t carry them all in one go! ..and strikingly, one of her gifts just happened to be the top item on the days ‘wish list’ that had been compiled at the morning meeting, without her having seen or heard about it!

Another day, and another Leith Hill protector is born.

What is Happening At Leith Hill?

Bury Hill Wood at Leith Hill, Surrey is under serious threat from oil drilling.

Get informed on this site and the links below.

You can help stop it. Please join us.

Visit the Camp! Click here for directions.

Facebook Group for Leith Hill Protection Camp.
Local campaign group focussing on using the planning system Leith Hill Action Group.
Local community group A Voice For Leith Hill.
Website for the Surrey protection community surreyprotectors.com.
Like the Facebook Page SaveLeithHill.
Follow on Twitter @SaveLeithHill.


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