The threat is bigger than Leith Hill – it’s the whole Weald area

Becoming More Educated & Informed about what is Planned at Leith Hill and in the wider weald area

There are many good sources of information, all out there and easily accessible via your finger tips – from the planning docs on the Councils website to national Extreme Energy campaign sites like ‘Frack Off’.

The websites of companies in the consortium of 5 who want to ‘drill the hill’ can also make for interesting reading…. as well as ‘investor chat forums’, more technical sites like the BGS. National & local planning policy documents may be relevant reading for some, whilst others may be more drawn more to researching the recent history of drilling in the States in similar geological formations such as the Bakken & Eagle Ford Shale Plays (brace yourself for that one though – it can read like a horror story at times!)
For background info on the particulars of the Leith Hill situation, and how it has developed over the last 7 years, the newsletter section of The Leith Hill Action Groups website is an excellent resource.
I am sure there is at least some truth in the old saying ‘knowledge is power’ ?!


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