How to Object To The Drill Site Size Increase Planning Application – With Link

Clayton Wellman added this article to the Leith Hill Protection Camp Facebook group.

Click here to read the online Application Display on the Surrey County Council planning website.

Clayton says:

You can comment on (object to) the new plans to increase the size of the site and add perimeter fence and guardposts etc here:…

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-20-59If it is helpful, this is what I wrote:

“This application should not be allowed to go forward without a further Environmental Impact Assessment for the new site parameters The site being in such a sensitive location in unspoiled woodland at the heart of the Surrey Hills AONB demands that any environmental impact be carefully considered. The change to the plans is a material change with substantial increase in erections and size. Not only that, it means the site will now extend closer to waterways and the threat of contamination will thereby be increased further. This must be reconsidered, otherwise it is, in my view, no longer legal or valid as it is markedly different from the plans passed previously

Furthermore, the site is completely unsuitable for access and construction. The lanes leading to it are extremely narrow, high banked and with ancient woodland lining the sides. It will be impossible for HGVs to get up and down to the site without causing irreparable damage. This is a direct threat to the AONB. No traffic management plan will be suitable and the plans should fail on this point alone.

On a general note, the primary purpose of the AONB designation is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape, with two secondary aims: meeting the need for quiet enjoyment of the countryside and having regard for the interests of those who live and work there. These plans and those that came before entirely contradict these purposes. They threaten all aspects of the AONB status and designation. The proposal is unwanted by the community, it brings no benefits to those who live and work in the area and it will destroy the peace and opportunity for quiet enjoyment. It is obvious to see that rather than conserve and enhance, it will destroy, pollute and degrade. In short, the application is not suitable for this location whatsoever and should clearly be rejected altogether.”


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